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About PathWavesShow.com

The most exquisite miracle in nature is the human being. This human miracle is for me the most astounding, complex and fascinating marvel I have witnessed in all of creation, so far. I am certain that our gifts and abilities reach even to the Divine!

Thus, the exploration of these fabulous human possibilities, especially the more subtle and metaphysical ones, has become an unending passion for me. Tremendous knowledge of our blessings and gifts has been shared in many forms throughout our lives. It is our sacred privilege to simply seek.

I discovered there were many superb authorities, teachers, and gurus in these avenues of study that genuinely inspired me. But I simply didn’t reach the level of inspiration I sought in reading and attending talks and classes. I made the very bold move of creating a media career in the early 1980’s, and with substantial effort and much blessing, I have accomplished over 500 interviews with the very leaders I sought! My career has encompassed my creation of both radio and cable TV programs over more than 30 years. Now, at last, following at least a hundred promises to these dear authors over the last decade, I am unfolding my dream project for you in PathWavesShow.com.

Over the decades, I’ve welcomed top anthropologists, economists, scientist, psychics, savants, leading therapists of every flavor known to man, the director of the CIA, leading religious scholars, uncountable physicians, great spiritual teachers, the best Qigong healers, world travelers and adventurers, even one of the best tattoo artists – who tattooed me live during a taping. My connection and creations with these fabulous people is one of the great blessings of my life!

Here’s how it works: I greet my guest and explain the high quality of this audience – not an ordinary media audience, these are seekers and thinkers. Then I ask my guest to please bring forth their most passionate message and share it with my folks. We spend a few minutes for me to get tuned into my guest’s direction and then we record. No outline, no script, no formula. I never know ahead where any show will go.

I promise to bring you much more of the same diverse exploration that you can now experience on PathWavesShow.com. The newest round of interviews will be done in high quality video recording, with an option to simply choose audio only, for your convenience. You see, almost all of my interviews have been conducted face to face. This is truly the best way to create a show of deep value and it gives me the connection with these splendid people that is a key part of why I do this. Finally, in recent years, the technology has developed where I can meet virtually with these treasures face to face. This new reality will allow a wonderful new reach for my work. These new shows will start launching here as the technical issues are resolved.

Also, I don’t use these shows to promote or persuade regarding my own philosophy or spiritual path. The opinions and philosophy are the territory of my guests. My intention is to present a grand feast for my audience, whom I imagine enjoy a fascination with life and truth very much like my own.

About my Author Events History

Here’s a brief note about more of my professional background over the last 25 years. I’ve enjoyed the extraordinary blessing of touring the US to produce live seminar events for more than 50 of my author friends. I have certainly met thousands of you attending these events. You may recall events I presented with Gregg Braden, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Master Stephen Co, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Neal Donald Walsh, Lynn Andrews, Dr. Masaru Emoto, James Redfield, Laura Davis, Dr. John Gray and many others. I have retired from the road work but still provide event consulting services to authors doing seminars.


Wishing you much joy and inspiration as you share these jewels from my journey! If you travel the Path of the seeker, the Waves will naturally carry you forward.


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