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Hands of Light

Hands of Light

Barbara Ann Brennan is a scientist, therapist and healer, one of the great pioneers in combining science and the healing arts. Today she tells us the incredible truth of who we really are and our gifts and abilities to create the lives we cherish.

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Barbara Ann Brennan
It was during that time, when I was doing body psychotherapy that I began perceiving the energy field around the body.
What I did at that time then was to correlate the colors that I saw around the body, sometimes that’s called the aura, the aura field, with what was going on psychologically in the psychotherapy session. After some time, I realized there was a direct correlation with the colors and the movements in the field and the psychological process.
For example, if somebody was holding or blocking energy, then the colors in the field would not move. In fact, if they continued blocking them, then the colors would get dark and clogged. If the person was angry and giving off the anger, releasing the anger, then the dark red would move off of the field. If the person was holding it, it would sit in the field. I have even seen cases where suddenly, the energy would suddenly, turn and go into the body very sharply and the person would cry. So they stab themselves with their own anger.
That was the early days when I first started seeing the field. As this progressed, I realized that since the field goes through the body, I could also see inside the body. That is when my work started changing more and more into healing and dealing more with physical problems more than the psychotherapy. So that I referred all my psychotherapy patients away when so many people came to me for physical healing. Of course, I had to deal with the psychological problems in giving the healing, but that’s how that evolved.
Alright. So the focus of your work currently then is more around training other people or actually doing hands on work yourself?
Barbara Ann Brennan
Right now I am training people. I refer the patients that come to me, I refer to my graduates. I have a four year training program that’s set up for long distance people. People come once every other month for about four days to train. That’s six times a year for the first couple of years. Then after that it’s less. But it does take about four years. I am able to teach people to perceive the auric field both through touch and sight and sound and other senses. We can use all five senses. It is a matter of developing them so they are more sensitive than what we normally use them as……

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