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Choosing Me before We

Choosing Me Before We

Choosing ME before WE is for women. Women who can’t “settle,” women who must embrace a genuine self-love first, even in clear pursuit of that great relationship. Christine Arylo takes us into her personal journey and delivers an enduring triumph!

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Christine Arylo
I realized, oh my God, I have been settling for fourteen years and six months. And I made a vow to myself in that moment, I would never settle again.

Define settle.

Christine Arylo
Settling is when you accept less than your heart and soul desire, in any part of your life. Settling is when you let someone in your life disrespect you. Settling is when you don’t honor yourself enough to demand unconditional love in your life. In that moment, and it’s been eight years, I have never settled.

In fact, I have started a journey to fall in love with me. And that’s what this book is about. That’s what I’m about. We have to learn, man child daughter son dogs cats – we all need to love ourselves. And that’s what I wasn’t doing.

OK folks, so this is a really good vector to take today, because we’re talking about me, me, me – but in the healthy way! See there’s me, me ,me in the unhealthy way, then there’s choosing me in the healthy way. Define the difference.

Christine Arylo
It’s true! If you actually look up self love in the dictionary – go to dictionary .com, third definition is narcissism. And I would think, we all would agree right, narcissism is not a good thing. Many of my girlfriends have been married to narcissist. There’s actual stories about narcissist in the book. It’s not good because you’re not thinking about the other person.

But loving yourself – and if you ask any spiritual leader, they would say to you is -“ the more you love you, the more you can love other people.” In fact, you can’t really give unconditional love until you can actually unconditionally love yourself.

So I want to change the definition of self-love. And want it to be a world in which are like “yes, I love myself. Of course I do. And you know what – I love you because I can…..”

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