Dr. Larry Dossey

Power of Premonitions

The Power of Premonitions

Dr. Larry Dossey, the great pioneer of infusing science and medicine into spirituality, is renowned for his works of “Healing Words” and “The Power of Prayer.” Now, Dr. Dossey takes us on a journey into premonitions, as he reveals the abilities of our minds outside of time.

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Tom Park:
Folks we are going to talk about premonitions today and we are going to talk about even the science of premonitions. This is definitely exciting. So Larry, start us off. What do you mean by premonitions?
Dr. Larry Dossey:
Well a premonition literally, Tom, is a forewarning. It comes from Latin words that really mean that. And so that sort of gives you a taste of what the premonitions are about. They usually warn us of things, of negative things, of morbid things. Which I think they were designed to do originally anyway in terms of when we developed them in our evolutionary history. I believe that this capacity to have forewarnings of future events probably arose very early in our evolutionary history because it did foster survival. Because if can imagine any organism that would have a little lead time, that would be ahead of itself in space and beyond itself in time, even just a little bit, could anticipate dangers and threats to their existence and therefore avoid them. This would make it more likely that they would survive and procreate, which is their evolutionary imperative, we are told. And it would not be surprising therefore if this talent were not incorporated into our genetic structure.
Tom Park:
But is this a counter rational kind of thing? Because it seems like the intellect, the rational part of us, may have a difficult time swallowing all of this. And yet you’re describing this as a very scientific development in our abilities.
Dr. Larry Dossey:
I think it is biologically extremely rational. You know one of the perineal complaints from skeptics that this stuff is just new age woo woo and it can’t happen. The world doesn’t work like that. I’ve spent years looking at this complaint from skeptics. You know, “science doesn’t permit this.” I’m willing to say that is just flat out wrong. In the book, I collect a lot of comments from Nobel physicists and mathematicians which say that there is absolutely no prohibition in science for these things to happen. In principle, information can flow from the future into to the present and if you apprehend it, then this looks like a premonition. And this is fully allowed in quantum physics.
Tom Park:
So what kind of faculty are we talking about here? You’re not going to shock them. Because people have metaphysical and subtle faculties. But is this—do you believe that this is a discrete faculty that human beings have?
Dr. Larry Dossey:
Yeh, I am pretty sure it is. I think we are hard wired now for this in terms of our brain capability. My model for this goes back to a concept I have written several books about. It is what I called “non local mind.” It is mind that is not localized to specific points in space, such as our brains. And it is mind, furthermore, that is not localized to specific points in time, such as the present. Our listeners who will be familiar with nonlocality and quantum physics simply know that that’s just a fancy word for infinite. And if something about our consciousness is non local, then it’s infinite in space and time. I think there’s overwhelming, compelling evidence for this model of consciousness, which I’m convinced will eventually carry the day. If you buy that model, this simply opens the door to premonitions, because a mind that can range infinitely in space and time would have access to all information whether past, present or future.

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