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Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics” describes a “quantum level transformation based on focused intent.” Dr. Richard Bartlett takes you for a plunge into this wave of subtle energy in this new paradigm.

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Dr. Richard Bartlett
I had a transforming event happen to me that changed the way I viewed reality forever. I had an event happened where I basically saw a vision when I was working on a patient. That lead me to think in a new way about the physical body. I started to realize that it was not physical at all. That it was composed of energy.

I started to realize that my thoughts, my awareness, and the awareness of the people that I would work with were actually a coherent whole. And that when we focused our intent together on transformation that could take place. Now, it’s interesting because …

Tom Park
Say it a little slower or a different way. When we focus our intent…

Dr. Richard Bartlett
OK. When we focus our intent. What I want to tell you is people come in to the doctor and they have a diagnosis, often they have a diagnosis. Or they have symptoms. So their intent is get treatment or to get some help to be fixed for their symptom.

So what I realized a long time ago was that kept them in a fixed loop of having these conditions, having an awareness of those, and then getting treated for those conditions in the hope that something would make them feel better.

So it’s a system that works outside of them, works upon them rather than works within them. What I started to learn how to do is actually interact with their consciousness on a non-physical or a unconscious level . And through focused intent, through focusing my awareness on change, they would experience instant transformation of their symptoms.

Tom Park
So your input to them, somehow… Did it alter their consciousness?

Dr. Richard Bartlett
Their consciousness is often altered.

At first, when I first started doing this work, I thought like a chiropractor, so I just thought I had a new better, bigger hammer. I had a new way to change things. I had not hit upon the idea that all is energy and therefore awareness and energy is all that exists. So therefore, when I started to do that, what happened is I got instantaneous changes.

Imagine for instance something like a scoliosis…….

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