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Conversations with Leaders in Awakened Living

Keneth Cohen – Honoring the Medicine

Kenneth “Bear Hawk” Cohen is a master of alternative healing practices, with thirty years of expertise in Native American medicine and Qigong. His healing guidance reconnects us with the whole web of life.

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Christine Arylo – Choosing Me before We

Christine Arylo became a brilliant authority on love, relationships and self-discovery through her own life journey. Thrill to the new life and empowerment that she delivers in this account of the treasure found inside each one of our selves.

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George Dyson – Turing’s Cathedral

George Dyson leads this insightful tour into the birth of our digital universe. Traversing from numbers that mean something to numbers that do something, we can all comprehend how this monumental shift in our lives began and now evolves.

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Jon Katz – Soul of a Dog

Jon Katz is a devoted, life long animal lover. But his brilliant, true and so sensitive exploration with his beloved creatures, especially his dog Rose, will thrill and serve us all.

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Norah Vincent – Self-Made Man

Norah Vincent made a radical and completely novel contribution to us all: a stunning, always entertaining, incognito journey deep into the other gender’s world. Her account is captivating.

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